At BHTP we encourage our children to wear school uniform. Please ensure your child is in correct school uniform and wearing black shoes Thank you for your continued support.
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At BHTP we use the creative subjects of Art and Design, Music and Design Technology to enhance and broaden the curriculum. Children are encouraged to express themselves using their creativity and imagination and to reflect and evaluate on their own and others work.


Within the music curriculum children listen to a variety of musical styles; experiment with their own voices, with composing music for tuned and unturned instruments and record these using musical notations.


Through art and craft the children experiment with and improve their skills using a variety of techniques and different materials.  They also investigate the work of artists, architects and designers both in the present and in History.


In Design technology the children are taught the process of design, make evaluate and technical knowledge, through a variety of practical activities, using different materials and in a number of different areas.

The document below shows which parts of the National  Curriculum, for Music, Art and Design Technology (D.T.), are taught within each year group and suggested activities that link to the year groups topics.
Below are the National Curriculum Documents for Music, Art and Design Technology.