At BHTP we encourage our children to wear school uniform. Please ensure your child is in correct school uniform and wearing black shoes Thank you for your continued support.
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Foundation Stage

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) applies to children from birth to the end of the Reception Year. Children join our 60 place Nursery (FS1) on a part time basis during the term after they turn three if space is available, or in the September term of the school year in which they turn four.  The nursery offer two and a half days, either Monday Tuesday and Wednesday morning or Wednesday afternoon and Thursday and Friday.


Children begin attending our Reception class (FS2) full time at the start of the school year in which they turn five. We currently offer 90 full time places.


The EYFS is based upon four principles:

  • A Unique Child
  • Positive Relationships
  • Enabling Environments
  • Learning and Development


A Unique Child

At Breadsall Hill Top Primary School we recognise that children learn and develop in different ways and at different rates and this is reflected in our provision. The characteristics of effective learning support the child to become a motivated and effective learner. Children will

play and explore and ‘have a go ‘at using all available resources; developing their experiences. Children will develop resilience and enjoy achievements through active learning and will make links, explore their ideas and strategies for problem solving through creating and thinking critically. Adults support the children in developing all these characteristics through playing alongside children and, where necessary, scaffolding and supporting their thoughts.

Children are treated fairly regardless of race, religion, gender or abilities. We welcome all children and families into our settings so that they feel included, safe and valued.

It is important to us that all children at Breadsall Hill Top Primary School are ‘safe’. We aim to educate children on boundaries, rules and limits and to help them understand why they exist. We provide children with choices to help them to develop these important life skills.

Children should be allowed to take risks, but need to be taught how to recognise and avoid hazards, both within school and in the wider environment. We encourage a healthy lifestyle including taking exercise and eating healthy food.


Positive Relationships

We aim to promote positive relationships between staff, parents and children.

Children are taught how to deal with difficult situations and relationships through their daily interactions with adults and other children. We recognise that parents are the child’s first educators and their importance for the child’s welfare and education is paramount.  All children are greeted as they come into the classroom and have a familiar routine with a key worker. Staff will work with each child either on a one to one basis, in a small group or as part of a larger group. They are able to build up confidence, rapport and respect with each child so that the children feel safe, happy and enjoy their time at Breadsall Hill Top Primary School.


Enabling Environments

The Learning Environment

The EYFS learning environments are organised to allow children to explore and learn securely and safely. There are areas where the children can be active, be quiet and rest. The continuous provision is organised into learning areas, where children are able to find and locate equipment and resources independently.

The FS1 and FS2 classes have their own enclosed outdoor areas which they have free flow access to throughout the day. This has a positive effect on the children’s development. Being outdoors offers opportunities for doing things in different ways and on different scales than when indoors. It offers the children chance to explore, use their senses and be physically active and exuberant.  We plan activities and resources for the children to access outdoors that help the children to develop in all areas of learning.

Child-initiated learning is an important part of our daily routine at Breadsall Hill Top Primary School and whenever possible adult–directed activities are play based, active and related to the children’s interests. We aim to help children with their learning through observing, getting involved in their play, supporting their thinking and asking open questions.


Learning and Development

There are seven areas of Learning and Development which are interconnected. Three

areas (the prime areas) are crucial to develop lifelong learning and to help children

form relationships

 - Personal, Social and Emotional Development - children develop confidence

and self-esteem, learn how to manage feelings and respect others

 -  Communication and Language – children have opportunities to speak and

listen in a range of situations and experience a rich language environment

 -  Physical Development – children have opportunities to be active and develop

coordination (both gross motor and fine motor); they learn about healthy choices


The prime areas are strengthened and applied through four specific areas:

 - Literacy – involves children learning how letters link to the sounds and begin

to read and write

 - Mathematics – children have opportunities to develop counting and calculation

skills, to use numbers in everyday activities and recognise and describe shapes and


 - Understanding of the World – children have opportunities to find out about

people and communities, the environment and technology

 - Expressive Arts and Design – involves exploring feelings and ideas through

music, dance, role play, art  and design


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