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BHTP Rapid Improvement Plan (RIP)

Contextual Overview

BHTP is on a journey of improvement towards becoming a Good and better school.   This requires a rapid school improvement process to help to accelerate the actions.  The Rapid Improvement Plan (RIP ) provides a weekly breakdown of priorities linked to the required actions/task in order to demonstrate impact.  BHTP’s Rapid Improvement Plan focuses on the 3 key priority areas as well as creating effective systems and procedures:

  • Improving the Provision (see BHTP definition)
  • Improving teacher effectiveness and impact on learning outcomes
  • Improving the effectiveness of the leadership team
  • Improving data monitoring for tracking pupil progress linked to improved outcomes for all pupils.

   These are set against key accountability milestones to support the evaluation of performance.   These key performance indicators also   run alongside:

  • Improving school self-evaluation, particularly monitoring by senior leaders and/or other staff with leadership responsibility
  • Improving the opportunities provided for teachers to develop their professional practice
  • Strengthening distributed leadership
  • Strengthening subject/middle leadership