At BHTP we encourage our children to wear school uniform. Please ensure your child is in correct school uniform and wearing black shoes Thank you for your continued support.
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Vision and values

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At BHTP we want to work together in order to enable our pupils to do well academically, reach their full potential and become responsible citizens. The Breadsall Way is RESPECT.


Our Core Purpose:

Working together to exceed expectations and become a centre of excellence where all can achieve.



o       We achieve our core purpose by following RESPECT.

o       We want everyone in our school to show our RESPECT values.

o       Everything we do encourages and promotes these values.


Our school vision is based upon the principles of ‘RESPECT’.


What does our RESPECT code at Breadsall Hill Top Primary School mean?

In our commitment to the pursuit of ‘exceeding expectations at every opportunity’ we encourage all stakeholders to enable only the highest levels of personal achievement and development in terms of learning, teaching, attendance and behaviour.


R Respect in all our relationships

Contributions are valued based on open and honest communication which has purpose and impact. We encourage all of our pupils, staff and community to think about and develop purposeful relationships they have both within and out of school. We spend time encouraging appropriate relationships and also what this could look like with different people.


E - Exceed expectations at every opportunity

We work together focused on a shared pursuit of excellence with the highest of expectations for learning, teaching, behaviour and attendance. In every activity and learning task we encourage the children to try their hardest in order to achieve. Within school on a daily basis pupils are given rewards for continuing in all areas to try and exceed expectations.


S – Stay safe

All children and stakeholders have the entitlement and the right to success, to be safe, to be healthy and to enjoy school life and learning. Our children are encouraged to think about their actions and the consequences including how this may affect their safety. Within this area we also look at safe practices in school and e-safety. Our children are listened to and also encouraged to share.


P – Persevere when things are tough

That all should continue to develop self-belief and the key skills necessary for their next life stages and future making a valued contribution to our school and the community. We want all of our children to leave us confident that they have the resilience and perseverance to do well in their next learning stage. We encourage challenge in all areas of school life and pupils understand that challenge is a good thing.


E – Enjoy learning

In promoting strong personal growth, developing confidence, generating enthusiasm and positive attitudes for learning rooted in a resilience and challenge. This philosophy is promoted and underpinned through our ‘Learning Behaviours Hexagon’ and ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’. We actively foster and deliver an environment that is socially and emotionally supportive as well as learning based including ‘Learning Away’ and Learning Outdoors. Our children are engaged in their learning. They have fun, enjoy the curriculum and, in turn, want to do their best. They encourage others to make the right choices in order to help all enjoy the learning that is happening in school.


C – Care and share

We are committed to overcoming barriers that may restrict equality of opportunity. All of our children are encouraged to understand British Values, others culturally and also through understanding about viewpoints and religions. We therefore encourage sharing across all classes and within assemblies as well as modelling how we care for others within school.


T - Teamwork – work together

We are all equal stakeholders where everybody contributes and everybody counts. We have a strong collective identity and vision based on shared expectations, understanding, reflection and support that supports British Values. We work in purposeful partnerships in our pursuit of excellence for our children’s outcomes. We encourage teamwork, whether this is competitively within school and against other teams or whether this is in class supporting peers and working closely together in order to share success.


As a school we encourage achievement through…

Inspirational teaching and learning for all that is driven by a relentless goal of achieving outstanding provision through our non negotiables program, curriculum provision and steps to success.


An expectation of progress for all both at a personal and school level based on challenge and support which is underpinned by rigorous and robust systems of monitoring, assessment and evaluation.


A curriculum that is purposeful, balanced, and enriched with carefully planned experiences and opportunities, including outdoor learning, that secures the highest level of engagement for all so that all can achieve success.


A curriculum that underpins the acquisition and application of the key skills and learning behaviours which ensure pupils are well prepared for the next stages of education and life in modern democratic Britain.


The provision of targeted support using targeted funding to overcome any potential barriers to achievement and attainment, including those at that are vulnerable.

Involving our families in the learning experience so that expectations are shared and children’s learning is appropriately supported.