At BHTP we encourage our children to wear school uniform. Please ensure your child is in correct school uniform and wearing black shoes Thank you for your continued support.
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All children are expected to work scientifically. This means asking questions carrying out experiments, collecting results, recording and interpreting results, with increasing complexity as they move through the school.


In Key Stage 1 they will study –

  • Animals Including Humans
  • Everyday Materials

  • Seasonal Changes

  • Living things and Their Habitats


In Key Stage 2 they will study

  • Animals Including Humans
  • Living things and Their Habitats

  • Forces and Magnetism
  • States of Matter

  • Properties and Changes of Materials
  • Earth and Space

  • Evolution and Inheritance


    Below is a link to our Curriculum Overview for Science which shows what is taught, when, which year group and within which topic.


Science National Curriculum