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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school


Head Teacher and Lead Learner - Mr M Lawrence


Assistant Head Teacher and Year 6 Class Teacher - Miss V Flowers


Interim Assistant Head Teacher - Miss A Williams


Senior Leadership Team - the key roles within school that lead the strategic direction

Mr M Lawrence - Head Teacher

Miss V Flowers - Assistant Head Teacher

Miss A Williams - Interim Assistant Head Teacher

Mrs G Fisher - SENDCo


Pupil and Family Support Manager – Mrs R Hart


Site Manager – Mr A Gibson


Administration Team

Mrs J Spencer – Office Manager

Mrs A Lane – Administrator

Miss N Morris - Administrator


Foundation Team 

Mrs V Neale – F1 (Nursery) – Teacher

Mrs R Richmond – FS2 (Reception) Teacher and Foundation Stage Lead

Mr B Morgan – FS2 (Reception) – Teacher



Support Staff - Foundation Team

Mrs K Roach

Mrs D Baker

Mrs A Mason / Miss L Mason

Mrs J Smith

Mrs B Hirst

Miss P Bown - Apprentice


Key Stage 1 Team

Mrs H Deans & Miss R Whitelock - Year 1 - Teacher

Miss S Doherty – Year 1 – Teacher and Phonics Lead

Mrs H Morgan - Year 2 - Teacher

Miss M Hart - Year 2 - Teacher


Support Staff - Key Stage 1

Mrs S Curzon

Mrs S Davies / Miss C Licence

Miss M Cummins (Apprentice)


Key Stage 2 Team

Mrs K Jacobs – Year 3 – Teacher

Miss J Hunter – Year 3 – Teacher

Mrs G Fisher - Year 4 - Teacher - SENDCo

Mrs S Bhogal - Year 4 - Teacher

Miss A Leatherland – Year 5 Teacher – English Lead

Miss L Caswell - Y5 - Teacher

Miss V Flowers – Y6 – Teacher – Assistant Head

Miss M Mackinnon – Y6 – Teacher - Maths Lead


Support Staff - Key Stage 2

Mrs S Upchurch

Mrs S Haynes

Mrs J Kendrick

Miss J Orme - Support/Carer

Mr R Madeley – Senior First Aider

Mrs P Wood

Miss J Mangham


High Level Teaching Assistants 

Ms K Vassileva

Miss M Hitchen – Senior First Aider


Catering Team

Mrs S Meakin - Catering Supervisor

Mrs S Bradbury – Cook

Miss C Rusko

Mrs C Hutchinson

Mrs L Symcox


The Midday Supervisor Team

Mrs N Broughton

Miss E Sandfield

Miss T Hudson

Mrs J Baulkalna

Miss A Henriques

Miss S Stannard 

Mrs K Clark


The Cleaning Team 

Mr A Gibson – Site Manager / Caretaker

Miss E Sandfield

Mrs D Bull

Mrs S Brindley

Miss A Henriques

Mrs N Broughton