We've had a great start to the term, seeing children happy and learning again is very refreshing. Please continue to see the Newsletters section for updates across the school.
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Breadsall Hill Top Primary School - Curriculum Intent


BHTP’s vision and values are at the heart of our curriculum design – we are a community that encourages everyone to fulfil their potential, discover new talents and develop a love for learning. Our curriculum is seen as the means to breathe life into our vision and values and into the daily lives of our school community.


This enables us to look inwards and reflect the unique and diverse needs of our community whilst also looking outwards through the global values of Social Justice and Equity, Identity and Diversity, Power and Governance, Human Rights, Globilisation and Interdependence, Peace and Conflict and Sustainable Development and enabling the BHTP curriculum to become a tool for social justice.


These values support our knowledge based, progressive curriculum that encourages children to have the confidence and skills to be curious about the world, excited to be part of it, determined to achieve, caring about their community, creative in their ideas and their approach and finally adaptable to the challenges that the future brings them. This acquisition of knowledge will be achieved through a range of high quality, engaging and memorable learning opportunities supplemented by enrichment opportunities to widen experiences to enable our pupils to reach their full potential.


As a result of the belief that our children should be installed with high aspirations in a community where no one is limited, have a thirst for new experiences and knowledge and a passion for learning and achieving; underpinning and driving our curriculum are the principles and practices of language acquisition through high quality reading and writing experiences and robust and comprehensive PSHE.


Powerful knowledge can ‘enable students to acquire knowledge that takes them beyond their own experiences’ (Young et al., 2014, p. 7). This is particularly important in disadvantaged contexts in relation to the promotion of social justice. In Young et al.’s (2014) view, it is the educational right of the child to receive a comprehensive education committed to academic excellence – regardless of background or social standing. Our knowledge-led curriculum attempts to provide our children with a school experience that enables them to be provided with the opportunities to succeed in life. Also as argued by Hirsh (2018) knowledge is the strongest predictor of success at secondary school.

Visual Intent

To support the principles of dual coding we also express our Intent in a visual format