At BHTP we encourage our children to wear school uniform. Please ensure your child is in correct school uniform and wearing black shoes Thank you for your continued support.
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Through our Big Question Topics children learn and gain a curiosity and understanding of places, people and the Earth. They are taught the four themes that run through the primary curriculum of:



  • Locational Knowledge – from the continents, oceans, countries and capitals that make up the UK, to countries of the world, cities and landscapes in the UK and geographical terms that divide up the world.


  • Place Knowledge – from understanding geographical similarities and differences of an area of the UK and Europe to, in addition, a region within the Americas.


  • Human and Physical Geography – from understanding weather patterns in the UK; hot and cold places in the world and basic geographical vocabulary to describing climate zones; major natural landscape features; natural events; where people settle and how they use the environment and resources.


  • Geographical skills and fieldwork – including the use of maps in a variety of formats, atlases and globes; compass directions of increasing complexity to describe locations  and fieldwork skills to study the school, its surroundings and the local area.


Below is our Geography Curriculum Overview which shows what parts of the Geography curriculum we teach, when and within which topic.

Primary National Curriculum for Geography